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Visa Cancellation in Qatar

For a visa cancellation in Qatar, you may first have to obtain the relevant form, and fill one by yourself, while the other form should be filled by your sponsor. If the form is in Arabic, get the help of a typist to get it completed. Even if the form is in Arabic, there are notes in English at the back of the form. The form should then be signed and stamped by your employer.

On completing the form, visit the immigration at Madinat Khalifa, and submit the form, along with your identity card (also the ID card of anybody that you intend to sponsor) and your passport. The ID card once taken will not be returned. But, a small slip as proof of submission will be given to you. The visa cancellation will now be entered into the computer, and this permits you to leave the country without any problem.

The sponsors usually offer exit permit on the same day of visa cancellation, and the exit permit is valid for 7 days from date of issue.

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