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Schools in Qatar Foundation

01 April 2019

What Is Qatar Foundation?

Established in 1995, Qatar Foundation is a semi-private non-profit organization that was found by Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and his second wife. The main initiatives of this foundation are inclined towards three strategic pillars: education, science and research, and community development.

The Education pillar brings world-class universities so that young people can get the skills required for an educated economy. Science and research pillar builds Qatar innovation capacity by commercializing the solutions. While Community Development fosters a progressive society while protecting Qatar's heritage.

Further, at Qatar Foundation, everything starts with education. From pre-school to post-graduation studies, they offer learning opportunities for all ages and abilities.

When it comes to both primary and secondary education, this foundation provides it directly through schools. However, the higher education programs consist of partnership with some of the world’s top universities.

In this article, we will take a look at 11 schools in Qatar Foundation that you need to know about:

Qatar Academy

Qatar Academy Schools offer programs that focus on international English medium education along with Islamic and Arabic studies. These schools were made to push students so that they can study and be active members of society.

Qatar Academy Doha

Academy Doha

Known as the largest school in Qatar Foundation family, it is organized into primary, middle, and high school with over 1,700 students. With a dynamic class curriculum, it enables the students to go through an educational journey from pre-school to university.

Address: PO Box 1129, Doha, Qatar
Contact Details: +974 44542000

Qatar Academy Al Khor

Academy Al Khor

Established to meet the needs of Al Khor community in the North of Qatar, it educates over 900 local students. With a concept and inquiry based curriculum, its main aim is to provide highest education standards so that student can achieve excellence and be a responsible citizen.

Address: Qatar Academy Al- Khor
Post Box No. 60774, Mowasalat Street
Al Khor main road
Contact Details: +974 44546750

Qatar Academy Al Wakra

Academy Al Wakra

With a culturally enriched curriculum, Al Wakra School offers excellence in education along with the personal and intellectual development of students. Every student is given an opportunity to attain their maximum potential and become responsible members of the global community.

Address: Al Arouba Street, PO Box 2589, Doha, Qatar
Contact Details: +974 44547418

Qatar Academy Sidra

Academy Sidra

Incepted in 2012, this school of Qatar Foundation is growing rapidly and currently educating 700 students that represent over 37 nationalities. The school is equipped with an inquiry based curriculum and works as a student centered hub.

Address: PO Box 34077, Education City, Doha, Qatar
Contact Details: +974 44546613

Qatar Academy Msheireb

Academy Msheireb

Established as an innovative dual language elementary school, Qatar Academy Msheireb educates over 400 students, from Pre-K to Grade 5. With a Pre University Education vision, their mission is to create empathetic lifelong learners.

However, the curriculum includes English, Arabic, science, mathematics, art, music, IT, Qatar National Studies, and physical education.

Contact Details: +974 4454 2116

Specialized Schools

The specialized schools are equipped with specialized programs so that every child gets an opportunity to thrive.

Qatar Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy
Qatar Leadership Academy is a residential school that is shaping tomorrow’s leaders today and promotes personal growth in young men. They also work for excellence in leadership, athletics, and academy to prepare leaders of tomorrow.

Courses include US and IB Diploma Program, Leadership, and Heritage training.

Address:  PO Box 24421, Al Khor City Building Number 16, Street No. 776, Zone 74
Contact Details: +974 4454 2222

Renad Academy

It is a Qatar Foundation school that educates the children who have been diagnosed with mild to moderate Autism disorder. Currently, they serve students aged, from 3 to 7 years, but with each year, they add a higher grade level.

Address: Bani Hajer, Zone Number: 51, Building Number 16, Street Name: 1264
Contact Details: +974 44541974

Awsaj Academy

Awsaj academy

Known as The Learning School, it addresses the needs of students who have mild to moderate learning challenges. With multi-tiered support systems, they close learning gaps and help students flourish under proper guidance.

Address: Education City, Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar
Contact Details: +974 4481 2409


With a one-of-a-kind curriculum based on student’s interests, Academyati exposes the children to challenges as a way of learning. According to their team, the inner capabilities of kids will bring amazing outcomes.

Address: Education City
Contact Details: +974 44541253

Qatar Academy for Science and Technology

Specialized in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, this academy focuses on academic thinking, academics, and hands-on science skills.  The first two years of program include technology, collaboration, and communication, while in the third and fourth year; students will go through the International Baccalaureate Careers Program.

Address: Education City, Al Rayyan, Doha, Qatar
Contact Details: +974 44546426

Academic Bridge Program


Since 2001, the Academic Bridge Program School offers a pre-university program for high school graduates from Qatar. Known as the center of Qatar Foundation for Science, Community development, and Education, it aims to equip graduates with skills to succeed in degree programs at world-class universities.

Not only it is focused on building the skills required to study at University, but they also offer small IELTS and SAT courses that help boost test scores. As a result, they have graduated for than 2,500 students who have gone to study at Qatar universities or abroad.

Address: Academic Bridge Program, Penrose, Education City, PO Box 24404, Doha
Contact Details: +974 44541253

Summing Up

All the schools are integrated with various entities that serve Qatar needs for all its three strategic pillars. Not only this, the students are also given a chance to interact with other elements surrounding them for a better learning experience.

Varsha Thakur

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