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Visa Cancellation Process in Qatar

19 March 2019

All expat residents in Qatar will have to obtain an exit permit from their sponsor when leaving the country. In case you do not have an exit permit, you will not be allowed to leave Qatar.

If you are a Residency Permit holder, you will first have to cancel your residency status, close all your existing accounts prior to leaving. You should also pay off fine or debts, if any. Make sure that everything is cleared before leaving the country, so that you will not be subjected to further delays, or will not have a bad record on the immigration.

According to Article 7 of Law No.21 of 2015, the expat worker or the recruiter should keep the competent authorities informed every time the foreign national leaves the country, at least three days in advance. This implies that expats, workers, or employees should ask permission from their ‘recruiter’ or ‘sponsor’ before leaving the country, and once permitted, the cancellation of visa or ‘Exit Permit’ as is called in Qatar, may be processed.

qatar visa cancellation

To cancel visa, or for exit permit, you may complete an application online at the Interior Ministry website https://portal.moi.gov.qa/wps/portal/MOIInternet/services/inquiries/exitservices, MOI self-service machine, or you may personally submit the application form at General Directorate for Borders Passports and Expat Affairs, or at the immigration offices located near your area.

Whether online or in person, the necessary steps in getting an exit permit are:

Exit permit for those on company / Government entity sponsorship:

The sponsor will have to fill in the application form for exit permit, and submit it with authorized signature and stamp as in the establishment ID.

The approved PRO can bring in the duly filled in application form along with original passport of the employee and original establishment ID

Exit Permit for those on personal sponsorship

The sponsor can fill the application form for exit permit and sign it as given in the personal ID.

The duly filled in application form, along with original passport of the employee and original personal ID of sponsor shall be presented.

The cost for single exit permit issuance of QR10 would be taken, and registered internally, and you may not be provided a copy or take a screenshot of the approved application. The exit permit is usually issued on the same day of visa cancellation, and is valid for three days (earlier seven days) from the date of issuance.

The visa issuing authority will normally keep you informed if your visa has been cancelled. You can also check the visa status with any airline or anybody who can check it through their online resources. You can visit the embassy / consulate of your country and ask them to check your visa status too.

For more details, visit https://portal.moi.gov.qa/qatarvisas/

Robin Vinod

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