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Nightlife in Qatar may not appear very fascinating as in the western world as far as tourists are concerned. There are restrictions and regulations during night in Qatar too, just as in other Arabian nations. Moreover, religious inclination is another reason for lack of vibrancy in nightlife in Qatar. Majority of residents here follow Islam, and are therefore forbidden from consuming alcohol.

But, there are some particular locations where tourists can enjoy clubbing or dancing with dear ones at nighttime. Doha may be a little exception as far as nightlife in Qatar is concerned. There are several bars and nightclubs in Doha, which makes it the hub of activity, fun, and frolic for youngsters.

Apart from tourists, residents and expatriates too enjoy nightlife in Qatar. People frequent pubs, nightclubs, bars and discos scattered across the city, as they consider it the right place for relaxing after a tiring day at work. It is here that they relax and dance to the latest dance hits played by resident DJs in nightclubs.

Luxury hotels add their share to nightlife in the country, as they have in-house clubs that attract locals and tourists alike. The ‘Admirals Club’ at Ritz-Carlton Doha is one of the popular nightclubs in the city. It is here that men and women make friends as in western world.

There are a couple of bars and nightclubs in Doha, a few nightclubs are Arabic, the others are western in nature. The bars and nightclubs in Qatar open late at night and close in early hours of the day. The western bars are getting popular in Qatar. Majority of popular nightclubs also feature Middle Eastern bands and belly dancers. As Qataris do not consume alcohol, drinking options are limited, but all types of liquor and wine are available at luxurious hotels in Qatar, although they dig a hole in your pocket. So the next best place is to visit the bars and find out if they have happy hours and visit the bars where the drinks are not that expensive.

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