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Qatar TV Channels

Qatar Television (QTV)

QTV began its first phase of transmission in 1970 in black and white, while the colored transmission began in 1974. The second channel which transmits in English was opened in 1982. QTV has 24 hours of daily transmission. Website:

Qatar News Agency (QNA)

Beginning with just half an hour of transmission a day in 1975, QNA now transmits non-stop 18 hours in Arabic, English, Spanish and Portuguese through its worldwide network and transmission. More details at

Foreign Information Agency (FIA)

The FIA enjoys an autonomous status that permits it to discharge information policies, duties and objectives assigned to it with high efficiency level. Website:

Al-Jazeera Independent satellite

This is a television news channel in Arabic, while its website has a link to the English version. It covers sections on news, business, culture, science & technology, Arab stock indices, world stock indices, currency converter and other features. Website:

Al-Jazeera sports channel

Specialized Arabic sports channel by Al-Jazeera Qatari news channel. Website –

Showtime Arabia

This digital satellite pay TV network in the Middle East and North Africa, a joint venture between Viacom and KIPCO, offers about 50 prime channels. Website –

Al Muftah Group - Cable Vision

Authorized dealer appointed by Qatar Cable Vision (QCV) to sell, install and service cable TV systems. Website:

Al-Kass - Qatari League Channel

Specialized Qatari Arabic sports channel. Website:

JSC Sports Guide, Qatar

English translation of Aljazeera Sport TV schedule. Website:

Baraem TV, Qatar

TV channel for children in Qatar. Website:

Taalam TV Channel, Qatar

Online TV channel for kids in Qatar. The channel offers programs, videos, science and technology knowledge, and contests to enrich children education. Website:

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