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Indian embassy lists 'important points to consider before accepting employment in Qatar'

17 May 2019

Qatar, the place where the dream of an advantageous lifestyle and earn a decent living comes to reality. The gas-rich Gulf is home to some of the largest project of the world and is always open to new talents and opportunities.

In fact, Qatar is one of the very few places which offer non-taxable income. It has some policies that no one can resist. However, before you get into the plan and come to Qatar to earn a future, take a look at the recently released highlights of the Indian embassy. It presents some of the crucial things that you must know before you set for your destination.

Indian embassy Qatar

Do Backgrounds Search

Qatar is home to some of the biggest companies, but that every job offer you receive will always be genuine. Moreover, Qatar rules don't allow you to leave a job with a proper legal notice. Therefore, you might want to slow down and check the background of the company before signing up for a deal. You can take help from the embassy or the e-Migrant to verify the companies’ credentials.

Clear Out The Terms

Once you sign the contract for a job in Qatar, you will have to stick with it. There is no option of leaving the job with legal notice or serving the contract period. So it will be best if you clear out all the terms and conditions of the job before signing for it. Clear out contact time, date of joining, designation, and more. If you have an issue with the language, you can also ask for a translation of the contract.

Check The Facilities

Before you set up with the plan to migrate to Qatar for joining the job, you will need a place to live. Companies in Qatar are very flexible in this aspect. They provide accommodation and conveyances to their employees. They also pay allowance for the additional expenses you have to undergo.  

Make sure that your company can provide you with these facilities.

Know The Leave Leave Policies

As an employee of a Qatar company you are entitled to leaves. However, the policies of leaves vary from company to company. Some provide you leave multiple time a year; others offer it once in a year. Companies even provide air ticket for you to travel back and forth from Qatar. Moreover, the policy of kafala still exists in some parts. Therefore, check with the company terms and clear out the leave policies before joining.

Check For Allowances

The rules of Qatar establish that the company will pay you gratuity and indemnity when you leave the job. However, you might want to confirm the Salary, allowances and benefits that you will be getting during the job.

The company may provide you bonuses, residential allowances, health allowances, and more. It mostly depend on the line of work and the type of company you join. Therefore, don't forget to ask about the allowances. It will also be a great idea to get a written copy of the record.

Qatar is a great place to live and work, but to achieve what you seek; it is crucial to take every step with care. Indian embassy released these rules on their twitter to ensure that people like you who are willing to work in Qatar are aware of the question they should ask and the things they should know.



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