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Diversity of Cultures celebration at Qatar National Library in November 2019

01 November 2019

Qatar National Library organised the Qatar, India and The Gulf: History, Culture and Society exhibition on 31st October. This exhibition aims to celebrate Qatar-India Year of Culture, 2019. It is a cultural exhibition with amazing displays of poetry, music and art celebrating the cultural similarities and differences between the two nations. This remarkable exhibition will run for three months. There are exhibits highlighting India’s thousands of years connections with Qatar and the entire Gulf region.

The Qatari Authors Forum will deliver a lecture on the 13th of November about the customs and traditional similarities between Qatar and India. Lectures will be given about the shared customs and traditions which changed over a period of time because of social developments.

A Brief History of Indo-Arabic Numerals

On the 16th of November the cofounder and chief technical officer of ADGS, Nahuel González will present his lecture about, 'A Brief History of Indo-Arabic Numerals.' He will unravel the interesting history about the millions of years of evolution of the Indo-Arabic numerals. He will also conduct a workshop on the same day about, 'Ancient Numeral Systems: Arithmetic the Hard Way.' Participants to this knowledge-based workshop will learn how the Hindu-Arabic numerals can speed up number systems and improve the algorithm.

qatar multiculture exhibition

The Library and Qatar Foundation jointly decided to celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. There will be a special lecture delivered by the Director of South Asia History at Oxford University, Dr, Faisal Davji about Mahatma Gandhi, the father of India. It is scheduled on 28th November where Dr, Faisal will discuss Gandhi's ideas of non-violence and his contribution to India’s Independence.

Arab Identity and Audiovisual Heritage

The 3rd November event theme is the preservation of Arab Identity and Audiovisual Heritage. It is organised in a joint collaboration between the University College of London-Qatar and the British Library-Qatar Foundation.

Executive Director of the Library, Dr Sohair Wastawy said: “The themes of this month’s events are as rich in diversity as our community. The Library has collaborated with a host of institutions and partners, and the result is to produce a program with a strong international flair. We are delighted to celebrate the heritage and traditions of a nation such as India, and it’s shared a history with Qatar that dates very far back. We encourage our visitors to visit and engage with our speakers and our exhibitions and find a path for their individual self-development and enjoyment through lifelong learning.”

Fire up Your Imagination

On 7th November, "Fire up Your Imagination" event is scheduled where participants will meet with performance poet Chris White who is also an author and illustrator. The poet will share tales about his life and success stories of becoming a writer. This will be a one-hour creative session where the participants can use their imagination and write a poem themselves.

Qatari Musical Concert

On 12th November the scheduled event is for a local Qatari Musical concert by the Music Battalion Unit of the Ministry of Defense. Using traditional instruments musicians will play beautiful pieces of music inspired by the Qatari arts and culture.

Poetry Night Doha 2019: Flavors and Aroma

Another important event, "Poetry Night Doha 2019: Flavors and Aroma" is scheduled for 15th November. This event is organised in the memory of the attacks that took place in France’s capital in November 2015. l'Institut Français, the Embassy of Senegal, the Embassy of Mali, Qatar Poetry Center and the Library jointly collaborated together to organise this event.

Young Writers Program: Open Mic Night

On 16th November the library will host the "Young Writers Program: Open Mic Night." General public attending this event will be allowed to submit a two-minute piece of writing. The writing ideas must interpret any one theme of Doha Learning Days. This event is also the first experiential learning festival ever organised in Qatar.

Mapping Planets

On 17th November and 21st November, the scheduled events are "Mapping Planets" and “Clara Schumann: The Artist and The Woman.” These are presented by the Science Book Forum and Philharmonic respectively.

Reading the City: program

Other events scheduled on 20th and 22nd November includes, "Edifice // Artifice" and, "Reading the City: program." These events are organised by the Library in collaboration with the British Council which is a part of the Qatar British Festival.

The Arab Revolutions

On 24th November professor of political science at Kuwait University, Dr Shafeeq Ghabra will speak about his book, "The Arab Revolutions."

Another important event is scheduled for 25th November, "The Blockade Against Qatar: A Blessing in Disguise?" It is jointly organised by the Library and Georgetown University in Qatar. The impact of this blockade on Qatar's economy will be examined and evaluated by the Chair of International Economics at Georgetown, Alexis Antoniades.

Click Here to find the entire event scheduled for November 2019.

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