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Is the blockade ruining Qatar’s sporting dreams?

15 October 2019

The World Championship in Qatar was windup on this weekend, however, in front of the parochial of organizer it was a huge victory. The event came in news for wrong reasons such as athletes suffered from the heat stroke and a coach sent home due to doping abuses.

The chief administrator of IAAF the governing body of sports said after looking at the poor numbers of number crowd that the local blockade against the Qatar affecting the air traffic of other things as well. Then he asks that after all why was the event happening ahead of unfilled stands. "When this event was awarded six or seven years ago, it was always positioned as a celebration of athletics within the Middle East."

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Jon Ridgeon told BBC Sports “Clearly, geopolitics have shifted since. There's a blockade on this country from all of the surrounding neighboring countries, and that’s impacted.”
Even the Ridgeion was trolled online and criticized by the journalists. Moreover, this blockade has broken all the air traffic coming from UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain on June 2017, more than 0.28 crores solid nations. These three states were the Qatar's closest neighbors. 

The question is whether this problem will harm the Qatar’s ability to host top level of sports in the future. So, one reason is the Qatar’s good relations with its neighbor that make it possible to cope up every sort of situation. However, there was the prominent flexible approach for the Qatar to cope with the trouble like this is the that fell off the carrier’s trip plane have been swapped through 24 new courses.

The main reason is that Qatar have hosted an athletics championship that is always an aggressive technique. The first thing is the Qatar small population among the athletics was seemed to be restricted, and the high temperature forces the players to play at mid night for them it was also difficult for them to manage everything in the daytime. Moreover, some corruption allegations were more destroying the image of the event. Moreover, the next FIFA worldcup football championship that was also going to be held in Qatar was also suffering a lot.

However, the point remains stuck whether the problem of this event will damage the future progress of the state. However, this could be seen in the latest world cup that how this state has ben cope up with this issue. Moreover, locals are remained desperate for this event to continue and sport is the most diplomatic measure for this country.

So, the message becomes very clear that don’t expect the give-up from this state, Qatar is not going to surrender, it doesn’t matter what countries and other religions are throwing at it.

Davies Krish

With a background in journalism and news reporting, Davies enjoys finding surprises and unusual sights in some of Middle East's most well-traveled destinations.

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