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Expats can change work within 90 days of expiry of Residency Permit

22 September 2020

According to a new ministerial decision, expatriates can change their work organization within 90 days from date of expiry of their residency permits.

As per the new decision, the employer will have to submit an additional contract if they are hiring a worker temporarily to the main job contract of the worker.

This decision by the Minister of Interior No.51 of 2020 amends certain provisions of the executive regulations of the Law No.21 of 2015 regarding regulating the entry and exit of expatriates and their residency.

change jobs in qatar

The decision has been published in the Official Gazette of the State of Qatar numbered 15, yesterday.  The new law replaces the text of article No.65 and 67 of the executive regulation.

According to the amended article No.65, the work organization of the expat will be changed as per the rules and regulations in this regard.

The expatriate will have to notify the concerned department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs about the procedures in the regard.

However, the expatriate will have to have a valid residency permit, or it should be within 90 days of date of expiry of the permit, provided, the expiry is due to reasons beyond his control.

According to amended article No.67, the employer who has sought to hire an expat work temporarily should submit an additional contract to the main job singed by employer and the worker, and it should be endorsed by the Labour Ministry.

The Article No.3 of the decision states that all authorities concerned should implement this decision immediately after a day on publication in Official Gazette.

Robin Vinod

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