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Now apply for ‘Exceptional Entry Permit’ live on Qatar Portal

03 August 2020

The link to apply for an Exceptional Entry Permit to Qatar has gone live on Qatar Portal Website (https://portal.www.gov.qa/wps/portal/qsports/home).

This is a temporary service that is being provided to residents of Qatar who are unable to return to the State due to the restrictions imposed owing to Covid-19.

The service enables employers (individuals or companies, government or private sector) to apply for an entry permit on behalf of the resident and his/her family members holding QIDs to enable them to return to Qatar.

Qatar exceptional entry permit

The employer or resident should create an account, and login to the website, and apply for a permit. If the mobile phone is not in your name, you can call the call centre and get the account activated.

Once you log in, you will have to choose if you are an employer or if for family. All necessary details such as the country you are returning from, your duration of stay there and the proof of the same has to be submitted along with email and contact number.

If it is a family sponsorship, the names, QID numbers and changes if any will be displayed.

Employers will have to provide establishment ID and employee QID number to proceed to fill the rest of the information.

Return country and days spent in that country will determine the kind of quarantine that the resident will have to go through after returning to Qatar.

The entry permit will have a month’s validity from its date of issuance, and once expired, a fresh application can be submitted.

It is yet to be revealed as to how soon the exceptional entry permit will be issued.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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