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Qatar to be region’s first to build Panda habitat

16 December 2020

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment in Qatar has announced that they would build 18 new parks across the country, and a habitat for pandas.

Qatar will be the first country in the region to house pandas. Ashghal will build state-of-the-art modern habitat with all necessary facilities for the pandas, most which will come from China.

The panda, with its distinctive black and white coat is much adored in the world and is considered a national treasure in China. The bear is also the logo of the World Wildlife Fund since 1961. Pandas usually live in the temperate forests and high in the mountains of southwest China, and almost entirely survive on bamboo. It has been categorized by the WWF as being vulnerable. It is said that there are over 1800 pandas in the wild.

In the month of August this year, Ashghal had invited tenders for construction of a panda enclosure at the Al Khor Zoo.

panda habitat qatar


The Director of Projects and Development Department at MME, Dr. Eng. Abdullah Nasser Al Kaabi said “Nine major projects have been approved in the 2021 annual budget. The major projects include a shelter for panda, waste segregation plant in Al Khor, 18 new parks, and developing animal farm complexes (also known as Al Adhab)”.

Dr. Al Kaabi mentioned this during a recent meeting organized by the Ministry of Municipality and Environment at its headquarters.

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