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Rotational attendance to be adopted in Qatar schools from 1st November

23 October 2020

The Ministry of Education in Qatar has announced that they have decided to adopt a rotational attendance system for students in both government and private schools and kindergartens beginning 1st November.

The option given to students to choose between distance learning and in-person attendance is no-longer available.

Qatar Schools

Here are some of the points to be noted about this new system:

  • The students will have to attend their classes in-person at schools on a rotational basis. The rotational attendance will get effective from 1st November.
  • Average attendance rate will be increased to 42 percent of school capacities depending on academic level and weekly rotational schedule.
  • Distance learning will be applicable on the days when students do not attend schools in-person.
  • Students will be split into groups of 15 pupils in each classroom with a safe distance of 1.5metres being maintained between them.
  • Schools will assign the rotational attendance schedules to students, which will mark the days of in-person attendance and that of distance learning classes.
  • Wearing masks is compulsory depending on the academic stage.
  • The schools will organize the entry and exit of students from school premises to avoid overcrowding and observe social distancing.
  • Students with chronic diseases (on submitting medical reports) are exempted from in-person attendance and they can attend virtual lessons only.

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