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FIFA World Cup in Qatar to use semi-automated offside system

04 July 2022

FIFA has confirmed that a semi-automated offside system will be used at this year’s football World Cup in Qatar.

The new technology utilizes a limb-tracking camera system to track player movements and sensor in the ball.

It then quickly shows 3D images on stadium screens at the tournament to help fans understand the referee’s call.

This is the third World Cup in a dispute, which involves FIFA introducing new technology to help referees.

The tracking system was trialled at the FIFA Club World Cup in Abu Dhabi early this year and was also tested at the Arab Cup in Qatar last December.

Semi-automated offside technology is an evolution of VAR systems that are implemented across the world. The technology is the result of three years of dedicated research and testing to provide the best for teams, players and fans heading to Qatar later in the year.

“FIFA is proud of this work, and we look forward to the world seeing the benefits of semi-automated offside technology at the World Cup 2022,” the global body’s President Gianni Infantino said.

The new system promises improved and accurate decisions in comparison to the VAR system, although 2018 World Cup avoided major mistakes on offside calls.

Every stadium in Qatar will have 12 cameras beneath a synchronised roof, aimed at tracking 29 data points on every player’s body 50 times a second.

Among long-term FIFA goal in Qatar is to ensure that the biggest event is a showcase for technological progress, and avoids obvious errors that live on in World Cup lore.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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