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Qatar wins bid to host Qatar Basketball World Cup 2027

01 May 2023

The Qatar Basketball Federation (QBF) has been awarded the hosting rights for the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2027, with all games of the prestigious tournament to be played in Doha City.

FIBA’s Central Board was considerably impressed by the bid and the elements around the compact geographical nature, the unique flexibility with tournament venue scheduling which enables to serve the fans better, and its emphasis on sustainability.

Doha, the capital city of Qatar is one of the best-connected destinations in the world, and has direct flights from most of the potential participating countries. The recently upgraded subway and the public transportation network also connects all venues, providing top-class service to all visitors.

With all teams playing in the same city, fans can plan for everything in advance to enjoy unique experience, as all venues are located within 30 minutes of each other.

Furthermore, all venues to be used for FIBA’s flagship men’s event are already constructed, while widely used green technologies will help deliver the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2027 as a carbon-neutral event.

The FIBA Basketball World Cup 2027 will involve gathering of millions of people throughout the MENA regions as this would be the first time FIBA’s flagship event will be hosted in this part of the world, and it will help grow the popularity of basketball even further.

The FIBA President, Hamane Niang, said “The Central Board was impressed by the submission made by QBF. I would like to congratulate them on behalf of the Board for the quality of the work they have already completed in putting this bid together. We are very happy to be able to award the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2027 to Qatar.

While we are all looking forward to what we know will be another standout FIBA event when the action starts in Qatar, we also enjoy the complete journey to Doha. The qualification path to the World Cup has been a great success, since its introduction in 2017, and we will be ready once again to follow all the action.”

FIBA Secretary General, Andreas Zagklis, said “I would like to congratulate QBF on their successful bid, and we are very confident that this event will be one of the highest quality both on and off the court.”

Zagklis further said it would be delivered by skilled and experienced team which has an excellent track record on a wide range of major international sporting events, including world championships or cups of more than a dozen other top Olympic Sports.

“Further, having all the 32 participating teams in one city for FIBA Basketball World Cup 2027, will serve as a unique opportunity for fans to customize their World Cup experience by accessing more games in person than in any other FIBA World Cup over the past twenty years. I believe 2027 will be a special experience in Doha for this flagship FIBA event”, Zagklis added.

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