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The Capital city of Qatar, Doha, stretches around a horseshoe shaped bay. Doha is a fast growing city, with buildings, apartments and shopping malls springing up each month. Quatar, makes an ideal location for families who look forward to a safe,comfortable place to live in.

Doha is in the midst of an extraordinary surge in construction with plenty of small and large scale projects, ranging from the Khalifa Stadium, to a new airport, to a magnificent man-made archipelago, known as 'Pearl of the Gulf'. Housing is available only on rental basis and varies widely. Majority of the landlords depend on local real estate companies, not just for advertising, but also for letting off their properties. As for the location, whether one is living anywhere irrespective of the place of living, one is always within twenty minutes of reaching the hotels, clubs, schools and airport.

The compounds, individual villas and apartments are available for rent both on short term and long term basis, depending on one’s budget. During the past, Qatar never permitted the expatriates to own lands. However, now, even the non-Qatari citizens are allowed to purchase lands in several areas of Doha, including the Qatar Pearl, West Bay Lagoon and the New Lusail City. The Ownership by foreigners in the Qatar enables them to a renewable residency permit, that allows them to live and work in Qatar. Just as the other rich Middle East Cities, Doha is also going through a major construction boom.

The city has been inviting international firms to design new buildings. The latest projects in Doha include the Doha Villa by Kathyrn Findlay, Weill Cornell Building and the Qatar Sports Tower.

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