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Nando's Doha, Qatar

The Nando's, an Afro-Portuguese chain of restaurants, was unveiled in Qatar in 2001, and is one of the fastest growing chains of fast food restaurants in the Middle East.

Nando's is well-known for its excellent chicken dishes, variety of marinades and sauces, all made from its secret peri-peri recipes, passed on through generations of Portuguese settlers in Africa. Among the dishes provided are salads, burgers, chips, salads and coleslaw. The Nando's food claims to be made of succulent chicken, trimmed of excess fat, before marinating them into the traditional Nando’s peri-peri flavour.

The Nando's restaurant boasts about a healthy way to enjoy chicken with its authentic Portuguese recipes, including the most popular Chicken Espetada. You can choose from hot and extra hot options that may set your tongue on fire.

Nando's Outlets in Doha Qatar

  • Nando's - City Center Doha
    Level 2, Conference Center Street
    Tel: +974 4444 2345
  • Nando's - Jassim Bin Hamad Street
    Jassim Bin Hamad Street
    Tel: +974 4486 0925
  • Nando's - Salwa Road
    Tel: +974 4435 6756 /+974 4493 0785

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