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Losail International Circuit

18 March 2019

Lusail International Circuit (also Losail International Circuit) is a motor racing circuit located on the coast, in the northern part of the municipality of Al Daayen, 23 km north of Doha. The track was built in just under a year at the cost of about 60 US $ million and opened in 2004 with the inaugural Marlboro Grand Prix of Qatar. The Losail International circuit is similar to the Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir and one of the largest venues in Doha.

losail international circuit

Losail International Circuit inaugurated on October 2004 is fully equipped with the latest services and facilities. This state of art circuit is the only circuit in the region with both FIM and FIA homologation licenses. QMMF is working its way toward the F1 calendar and plans for the inaugural race are in 2016, or 2017 at the latest. Before the actual race, the track is expected to host some F1 testing. The track Upgradation to F1 standards is in progress, and given the wealth of the area, financing should not be a problem.

The Losail Circuit

One of the most attractive aspects of the circuit is that it is available 24 hours a day, thanks to the new flood lighting system. Flood Lighting was constructed in 2007 by Musco lighting. It was the biggest permanent sports lighting venue in the world at that time and it now belongs to Abu Dhabi (YAS Marina circuit). The first night race in Moto GP history was the Commercial bank Grand Prix of Qatar in March 9th 2008 with the first ever life telecast of MotoGP night race. The staffs in the circuit are friendly and courteous with professional client oriented approach. Most of the track’s activities are from October to April, the weather conditions are perfect for track activities during this period, while most of Europe experiences extreme weather.

The exact distance end to end of the track is 5.380 km, with a main straight of just over a kilometer at 1,068 meters. To prevent the sand infringing too much onto the track, the track is surrounded by artificial grass.

How to Go?

Lusail is located on the coast, in the northern part of the municipality of Al Daayen, Just north of west bay lagoon. The circuit is a mere 30 Kilometers from Doha International Airport and plenty of luxury lodging is available nearby.

QMMF (Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation)

Founded in 1987, Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation is a non-profit government organization and is the sole motor sport authority in the State of Qatar. Mr. Nasser Khalifa Al Attiya is the current President of the organization. It QMMF is responsible for the administration of all major forms of motorsport in Qatar, controlling both technical and sporting rules in various disciplines.

The main objective of QMMF is to promote motorsport in Qatar and Middle East always with safety and fairness. The organization is focused on helping the young riders and drivers to develop their skills and passion in motorsport.

losail international circuit

Events in Lusail Circuit

  • Moto2 TM / Moto3 TM Winter Test – 1st March 2019
  • Qatar Grand Prix – 7th March 2019
  • MotoGP Biglietti Venerdì Doha – 8th March 2019
  • MotoGP Weekend2 day tickets – 9 March 2019
  • MotoGP Biglietti Domenica Doha- 10th March, 2019
  • Grand Prix of Qatar – 15th March 2019
  • Grand Prix of Qatar – 18th March 2019
  • GP Wssp300 – Qatar – 24th October 2019
  • WSBK Superbike Entradas Fin de Semana 2 Días Doha – 25th October 2019
  • WSBK Superbike Samstag Tickets Doha – 26th October 2019


ddress: Losail International Circuit
North Relief Road, Al Wusail,
P.O. Box 4611
T: 00 974 4472 9151
F: 00 974 4472 9246
Website: www.circuitlosail.com
Email: [email protected]

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