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Qatar World Cup 2022

Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup

Qatar won the bid to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and has become the first Middle Eastern country to host the World Cup soccer. Qatar won the bid, despite stiff competition from United States, Australia, South Korea and Japan to host one of the major sporting events in the world. Qatar’s victory has already sent its stock market soaring.

Qatar is also second in line with Russia, which already won the bid to host the next world cup in Moscow.

The FIFA President, Sepp Blatter, announced that the 22 executive committee members had voted to award the 2022 tournament to Qatar, a country with a population of only 1.7mn. Qatar had appealed to FIFA to take a “bold gamble” by taking the World Cup to a region, where football is popular, and is growing to be a world player in global sport.

Qatar’s victory to host the cup is also considered as the victory of Mohammed Bin Hammam, the FIFA executive member and President of Asia Football Confederation, the favourite to succeed Blatter.

Qatar had convinced FIFA voters that it would ensure that the blistering heat will not be an issue, said Hassan Al-Thawadi, Chief Executive Officer, Qatar 2022 World Cup. Qatar has committed to having all its 12 stadia fully air-conditioned, including the ones that are “open-air”. All the soccer stadiums will harness the power of sun’s rays to offer a cool environment for fans and players by convering solar energy into electricity, which will be then used to cool the stadium.

When there are no games happening in the place, the solar installations at the stadia will export energy onto the power grid. During matches, the stadia will draw energy from the grid. This is the basis for the “carbon-neutrality” of the stadiums.

The UAE Foreign Minister, Shaikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan also expressed pleasure on hearing the news, and told reporters that Gulf has immense scope to share the Middle Eastern culture and heritage with European nations. This will bring about exchange of views and culture between the two continents.

There will be new stadiums, sports clubs, hotels and other entertainment centers across Qatar. The entire nation will be developed in several ways, and the entire economic infrastructure of Qatar will be upgraded and polished, as new companies will launch their products to make the world cup more glamorous and attractive.

Qatar’s winning the bid to host the FIFA 2022 World Cup soccar will also boost the infrastructure projects happening in the country, estimated to be worth more than $100bn, based on public-private partnerships model, it has been announced. The Qatari planners have already had a meeting and decided to launch a staggering 200projects in several areas towards the first quarter of next year, as these ventures would head-start the preparations for 2022 World Cup.

Qatar’s historic World Cup bid also includes plan to offer green technology and to contribute stadiums to poor nations. Qatar’s 2022 World Cup will be another shining example of Qatar’s strong tradition of generous hospitality and effective event management. Qatar is no-doubt on the growth path, and this honour will bring in more economic development and growth.

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