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Building 140 Street 695 Zone 56 Abu hamour, Qatar 44 21 98 97 https://musicloungeqatar.com/
Music Lounge is one of the best music shools / music academy in Qatar that offers complete music education curriculum to promising young musicians.
Music Lounge is the one of the Best Music Academy in Qatar, offers a complete music education curriculum for promising young musicians that include both practice and theory.

We at Music Lounge believe that ‘YOU ARE UNIQUE’, and you are destined for that special purpose your creator has made you to be.

Music Lounge is a cultural center that is dedicated to inspire you – ‘to reach beyond the boundaries of your world’. Through Music, Art and Dance we set alight that passion for creativity and enlightenment that has enriched history and impacted every culture on earth.

Through the avenues of Music, Art and Dance we set alight the eternal flame of passion for creativity and enlightenment that has enriched history and brought us to this age of sophistication and well being. It is the youth of today that will create and shape the culture of tomorrow.

With our team of international educators and life coaches we endeavour to cultivate that extraordinarily unique purpose through the development of self-confidence, discipline and propel the creative energy in you, all the while equipping you with an internationally recognized certification from the Trinity College of London.

We invite you on this creative journey of excellence to touch the power of creation.

E: [email protected]
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