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Qatar Taxi Fares and Types of Taxies in Doha

11 February 2020

Most visitors depend on taxis to get around the town. Majority of the hotels that you stay in will help you hail a taxi, or they may have a limousine service of their own, especially for pick and drop from/to the airport. The Karwa taxis are widely available and are affordable.

Which is cheaper in Qatar, taxi or Uber?

Among the popular taxi companies in Qatar are Karwa, Careem and Uber. These companies have Mobile app and hence, you can easily book a taxi at an additional fare.

In the case of Uber taxis, your total fare will depend on the distance, the peak hour and the traffic that is awaiting you along the way. But, Uber offers the option to pay cashless, so you can literally do things as you wish! As for Karwa, the meters start at QR4 and run at QR1.20 per km during the day and at QR1.80 in the night time. The fares are not constant and can change from time to time.

Most app users say that in comparison to Uber and Careem, the Qatar Taxi’s fares are slightly more expensive. But, honestly, we are of the opinion that these three taxi hailing companies are priced equally, and the changes in price are largely due to demand in the flow of passengers during the time of the day when you book your ride.

Is taxi expensive in Qatar?

Careem taxis are private cars and are chauffeur-driven. You can just log on to the Careem website https://www.careem.com/en-ae/cities/doha/ or mobile app, and drive or get a ride by specifying the time of your ride, and check out the current rates.

Uber taxis are reliable too, and can be booked through their Mobile app. They offer cashless payments too. Uber is easy to use and inexpensive. For fare comparison and other details, visit https://www.uber.com/en-IN/cities/doha/ Karwa's meter starts at QR4 and runs at QR1.20 per km during the day and QR1.80 in nighttime. The fares are not constant and are likely to change from time to time.

When it comes to tipping, please be well-guided that such deed is optional in Qatar (5 QR minimum).

Are taxis safe in Qatar?

Safety of taxis should always be a priority, and this includes previous records, driving habits, and even the quality of vehicle.

All taxis are equipped with driver’s details, GPS tracker and you can also jot down the car’s plate number, in case you are going around the town first time by your own.

Uber and Careem are safe as the passengers and drivers have their own profiles and the moment you book a ride, the car’s number will be shown clearly along with your driver’s personal contact details. Their system is designed to give its customers the satisfaction of being in good hands. So, once the vehicle starts, your whereabout will be well-tracked. Also, you can share the details of your trip, the driver details and even your LIVE location to your family and friends.

The taxi service in Qatar is monitored by Mowasalat, the national transport company that operates the buses, taxis and limousine service, under the Karwa banner.

The distinctive green fleet Mowasalat vehicles are all new modern air-conditioned vehicles, fitted with latest communication and navigation equipments, with high technology monitoring system. Karwa taxis are considered the most convenient mode of transport, to and from the Doha International Airport. These taxis are clean, safe, comfortable, brand new, and spacious sedans.

Currently, Mowasalat, under the brand-name Karwa, operates more than 3000 new and well-maintained taxi sedans, including the recently acquired airport taxis with spacious cabins, more than 120 public buses, school buses and private-hire coaches. Further, its Doha Limousine Service has both standard limousines (without Karwa logo), and the Jaguar XJ VIP units, that are placed at the Doha International Airport and at major hotels.

However, due to limited taxis, and increased population, people without own transportation, still face difficulties at times to move around.

Meanwhile, the taxi service in Qatar is likely to undergo a major change early next year, as Mowasalat, the sole transport solutions provider by the government has awarded taxi franchise to three other private firms - Al Million Services Trading & Contracting Company, Petro Qatar, and Al Ijara Holding.

These companies have been awarded five-year contract for their operations, during which, they need to deploy 500 cars each for taxi operations. Each of the cars operated will have to bear the same turquoise colour of Mowasalat taxis. But, each company will have three separate colours on the roof of their vehicles.

taxi services in Qatar

Hiring a taxi from the airport

Karwa Taxis are the most convenient and flexible option to travel to and from Hamad International Airport. The taxi pavilion at the Hamad International Airport (HIA) makes it easy for you to hire and board your taxi. When you arrive at HIA, you can hire a taxi at the Taxi Pavilion located to the left of the arrivals hall. You just have to follow the 'Taxi' sign. Check out for the mint color taxis.

All taxis are metered, with minimum flag down fare at the airport being QR25 and QR1.20 per km during 5AM to 9PM and QR 1.80 per km between 9pm to 5am.

It is necessary to ensure that you are carrying enough in cash to pay for taxis, as they accept cash payment only in local currency. The ATMs are located in proximity to the taxi pavilion for your ease.

All airport taxis are operated by the Qatari state-owned company Mowasalat, and are well-maintained and staffed by trained drivers. To book the Karwa taxi services in advance, you can call the number +974 800 8294 or do the booking through the Karwa app available on Android and iOS.

To be on the safer side, it is always advisable to hire and board airport taxis from the taxi pavilion, as only taxis operating from this location are allowed to do business at the airport.

If you wish to book a special taxi for passengers with reduced mobility, you may call Mowasalat directly on +974 4458 8888, providing as much advance notice as possible.

Types of Taxi Services

Mowasalat offers several types of transport services to travel around Qatar, which include, Airport Taxi, Standard Taxi, VIP Limousine, Standard Liumousine, Public bus service and private hire bus and coach services. Morever, Uber and Careem, the app-based taxi services are an option too.

Normal Taxis

Also known as 'karwa taxis', the normal taxis, can take on board up to four passengers, at the taxi ranks at different locations, such as commercial centres, clubs, hotels, while special bookings can be made through the centre by dialling 4588888. They are fitted with latest communication and navigation system and air conditioning and give customers the best service possible. They also have monitoring and tracking systems that are always connected to the call centre. To keep up with the increasing demand by customers, Mowasalat continues to add new taxis.

Airport Service

The Airport Service fleet consists of static wagon cars that can tolerate nearly six passengers made to fit trips from and to Doha International Airport. The airport taxis are based at Doha Airport 24/7 and all 365 days a year. To book an Airport Taxi service, you can contact Mowasalat’s phone booking service on 4588 888. The airport taxis, however, operate only to and from Hamad International Airport, and are based at the Airport Taxi Stand. They are available round-the-clock on all days, including public holidays.

VIP Limousine

As for Mowasalat’s limousine service, it is made to suit the needs of clients, but, has variety of choices. The clients get to choose between a VIP and Standard class vehicles. The VIP Limousine fleet comprises “A” class vehicles, mostly for the business people, or people looking for luxury. The VIP Limousine vehicles can be hired through the Taxi and Limo Department. The VIP Limousine service is available at Doha International Airport, Hamad International Airport and at five-star hotels. The service can be booked at +974 458 8692 / (+974) 800 5466.

The Standard Limousine

Is made particularly for the middle class clients, seeking privacy and aiming for customized service. These medium-sized cars will give feeling of privacy, and can be used for single and multiple journeys, and for long and short lease. The Standard Limousine offers medium-sized vehicles without branding or logos. The cars can be hired through the call centre at +974 4588888.

Al Million Karwa taxis

The Al Million Karwa Taxis are the latest addition to public transport sector in Qatar, which also marks the entry of private sector into the public transport sector of the country. Al Million Taxi is the first Franchisee of MOWASALAT/KARWA and First ever Private Company to Operate Public Taxi Services in Qatar. To begin with nearly 40 cars, painted in turquoise and maroon, were flagged off last month. The Al Million is hoped to immensely contribute to round-the-clock availability of vehicles for both visitors and residents in Qatar. All our vehicles, including the Toyota Camry, Innova and Fortuner, are brand new, comfortable, and air conditioned. You may contact our customer service centre that is operational 24/7 at 8008294 / 80055000. You can also book your car anytime through your Mobile App.

Contact address for Mowasalat:

The Transport Company Mowasalat
P.O. Box 1186 Doha Qatar
Street 37, Abu Hamour Road – Industrial Area, Al Rayyan
Tel: +97444588588 / +974 4458-8888, Fax: +9744 4588844

Qatar Taxi Fares

The minimum standard taxi tariff for normal taxis is QR10. In Qatar, tipping is optional (QR5 minimum).

Here is the standard tariffs for Qatar Taxis as of 2018

Minimum taxi fare per trip QR10
Flag Fall - QR4
Rate / km within Doha at Day Time QR1.6
Rate / km within Doha at Night Time QR1.9
Rate / km outside Doha Day / Night QR1.9

Extra Tariffs include:

Airport Pick up Flag Fall QR25
Telephone booking charges (within city) QR5
Telephone booking charge (from city to airport) QR8
Technology service charge QR1
Waiting charge per 15 minutes QR8

Please note that if the meter is not operational, your trip is free.

Major Taxi companies in Qatar

Here are the contact details of some major taxi companies in Doha, Qatar.

Karwa, Doha Taxi Tel: 4588888
Fox Transport Tel: 4622777
Doha Limousine Tel: 4839999
Qatar Taxi Te;: +974 6677 8860
Al Watan Limousine Tel: 44477999
Chauffeur Car Rental Tel: 44445456
City Limousine Tel: 44442111
Directions Company LLC Tel: 44607227
Al Afdhal Transport Company Tel: 44880177
Al Muftah Tel: 44634444 /44998800 / 44446868
Al Ibtisama Limozine Tel: 44888024 / 55359803 / 55819152
Pick Quick Rent A Cars & Transport Tel: 44182225 / 77749997

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