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10th Katara Traditional Dhow Festival opens to visitors today

01 December 2020

The Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) will open its 10th Katara Traditional Dhow Festival today at the Katara Esplanade.

The five-day festival, even before its launch, has been generating a huge buzz from curious visitors. The festival celebrates a decade of its success this year.

According to reports, there were curious onlookers who gathered at the venue yesterday, while the organizers were making the final preparations for today’s much-awaited kick-off.

dhow festival

More than a dozen traditional dhows of various types, sizes, and designs would be seen displayed at the Esplanade. The participants were seen setting up various stalls at the Katara beach, displaying several marine products, and demonstrate the process of making dhows and other marine related products using traditional tools and equipment.

Dozen more dhows of various kinds secured on the beach, for visitors to see, starting today 3.30pm.

The organizers have emphasized that the event will follow health and safety protocols against Covid-19, as advised by the Health Ministry, to protect the visitors.

Apart from local participants, the festival also displays authentic maritime traditions that draw inspiration from Qatar’s ancestral past, and also involves participation of Iraq, Kuwait, Oman and Tanzania.

Other major highlights of this year’s festival are the exciting competitions and marine shows, cultural activities and events reflecting the ancestral heritage, and they throw light on our ancient maritime history aimed at preserving the culture and folk heritage.

Some of the planned activities include display of maritime heritage collections from participating countries, special pavilions for traditional handicrafts, workshops displaying ship-building process and ancient craft.

Visitors also get to enjoy story-telling, traditional stage shows etc., all through the festival and Al Haddaq, Al Shoush and Al Taris competitions. There will be an Omani folk band to entertain visitors with artistic performances during the festival days.

Open hours: 10am to 10pm on all days; Friday 1pm to 11pm.

Robin Vinod

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