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Second Floor, City Center Mall, Qatar 44774190 https://theespressolab.com/
Espresso Lab is to the coffee world, what artisan shoemakers are to the fashion world. We aim to combine passion into every coffee that is served.
Located on the second floor of City Centre, the Espresso Lab has an interesting decor and is a definite winner. Along with the excellent coffee and delicious deserts we offer some nice merchandise. We also do Coffee Art classes.

Founded by Emirati entrepreneur Ibrahim Al Mallouhi, The Espresso Lab is a Dubai born artisan company to the core.

Our passion goes into every cup of coffee we serve. We’re to the coffee world what artisan shoemakers are to the fashion world!

As part of our strategy, we introduce new initiatives and activities to be delivered by the latest technology in the speciality coffee industry, which will be based on innovation, adaption and rapid evolution that makes speciality coffee stand out from the commercial coffee.

Besides the regular menu, the Espresso Lab will be offering seasonal speciality coffee at certain times to entice the individual tastes and inclinations of our clients, which will no doubt make them more inquisitive and justify their demand for an extraordinary experience with our coffee.

At The Espresso Lab, we strive to inspire coffee enthusiasts and the general public with our speciality coffee and engage everyone to be part of a memorable experience with friends and family over a cup of coffee.

The Espresso Lab - Exceptional coffee is our journey, Perfection is our destination.
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