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Aqua Park

Salwa Road Exit 29, Opposite to Abu Nakhla Petrol Station, Qatar 00974 44905872 www.aquaparkqatar.com
Located 15 Km away from the city, Aqua Park is an exciting water-themed amusement park in Doha, offering entertainment and excitement to people of all age groups.
e park extends to an area of 50,000 square meters and a capacity of over 3,000 visitors. Comparatively with its precursors in the gulf region, the park started out quite small, with just a few slides and pools but underwent considerable restoration and has expanded significantly over the years. It can get busy as it's a popular destination for locals and expats in Doha for a cool and revitalizing visit, particularly during hot summer days. The park features an enormous "wave pool", an “activity pool”, a “lazy river”, a multiple slides complex (14 to 20 meters high and extra charges for bigger ones), an exotic village, a family pool, a bar and restaurant. Adjoining the aqua park, there will be a shopping complex with top-of-the-line brands including hypermarket, shops and restaurants as well as a 300,000sqm resort, currently under construction.

The parking space is huge and can accommodate 400 cars in the first phase. In later phases, more rides, parking space and features such as go-carts will be included.

How to go?
The Aqua park is located on the Salwa Road (exit through Exit 29 Rawdath Rashid Interchange, 5 km after Messaieed Interchange), opposite to Abu Nakhla Petrol Station. From the Industrial area roundabout, it is roughly at a distance of 16 km.

Inside the Aqua Park
The park is ideal place for the weekend getaways with the children or a group of friends. This is a simple park and once after buying tickets and passing turnstiles, to the right is gift shops, changing rooms and Lagoon, while on the left is wave pool and children activity pool. There is an Island in the center surrounded by lazy river; also it has a performance stage and Boston fried chicken restaurant. The Sports fields and Slide Towers are at the backside.

The pirate-themed play area and Children’s Activity Pool is one of the favorites among children and caters mainly for kids up to 14, with its five colorful slides and the huge tipping bucket which by design dump nearly 7000 liters of water every two minutes. However, the Wave Pool is the major attraction and the strongest favorite among the excursionists. The Wave Pool produces simulated waves in six special patterns and intensity.

People may also choose to swim in the Lagoon with both dry and wet seating which features cafeteria and a juice bar. Visitors may nonchalantly ride on their inflatable floats in the 600 ft-long Lazy River which meanders around the park. Visitors don’t have to be bothered as this is not literally a river in fact as the water is stagnant so unless they do some paddling they won’t go anywhere.

The crown of all the rides in the multiple slides complex is the Slides Tower which has 3 levels with multi-lane slides – 14m, 16m and 20m, the most gripping that gives the visitors the ultimate adrenaline rush is the 20 m-high slide called ‘boomerango’. This ride takes us through twists, turns and the darkness and suddenly drops us into the water which triggers an array of sensations.

The come-ons of Aqua Park include a pool that has giraffe showers with a maximum depth of 30 cm for toddlers and many elephants with water coming out their nozzles.

Space boat is another thrill ride which is a slide that drops from 20 meter high tower into a 150 meter colorful long fiber glass tunnel and splashes us into a giant water super bowl. The boat ride is a new attraction which can provide accommodation for two persons that takes them into rings of colors and lands into 13 meter diameter bowl in which the rider can circle around the land.

The cultural characteristic of the water park is manifested in its remarkable cultural Village burrowed in the center of the park which includes King’s cabin and Queen’s cabin. The village is connected to other areas of the park through wooden bridges. The good thing in the village is dozens of parasols made of wood assembled all over the cultural village for guests to take a shade or to do people watching.

Things to Remember

In Aqua Park, visitors can wear their regular swim wear. There is one small store near the main entrance which sells swimming paraphernalia where visitors can buy almost anything like goggles, beach balls, swimwear, SPF lotion, shorts and other fun stuffs for swimming.

There is a small cafeteria inside the Aqua Park where visitors can buy finger foods like fried chickens and burgers.
Cameras are allowed inside; visitors can take pictures as much as they can. Water-proof camera will be great because it can take your pictures while having fun inside the pool.

Each slide and pool is supervised by specialized life guards and trained operators, besides a special team from Aqua masters Qatar-the designer of Maintenance Company that built Aqua Park monitors the quality of the water.

Before going to Aqua Park, it’s worth telling young ones to follow the rules, no running or diving.

Always check their face book official page for promotions and updates.


The Park is open on all days.
Friday is slotted as a Family Day and Tuesdays are for Ladies (2pm to 10 pm).
The rest of the days are open to all public.
Usually in the month of June and July, park offers a night swimming starting from 6pm up to 2 am.
Entrance fee is QR 100, QR 60 for people with special needs and QR 40 for nannies.

Regularly the park administrators are giving discounts and promotions so before going to Aqua Park, it's still better to check their official face book fan page, far better than their website because whatever the queries, they usually get answered right away.
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