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Aspire Park

P.O. Box: 23833 , Aspire Zone, Aspire Zone Road, Aspire Park Running Trail, Qatar +974 4413 8188 / +974 4447 67 86 http://www.aspirezone.qa
Aspire Park offers comprehensive facilities for the community including running and walking tracks, large green spaces, children playgrounds, a café overlooking a large lake.
his massive green oasis lies hidden behind the Villaggio and Hyatt plaza, Doha's popular shopping malls in the Aspire zone. The Park is the biggest in the city which isn't classified as a tourist attraction as such. However, it stands as a splendid contrast to the characteristic surrounding desert landscape and is an exceptional jewel to realize and experience whilst in Doha.

With a total area of 880,000 m², it is an amazingly huge and super-lush park, complete with sports grounds, children's play area, green areas, trees for shade, jogging track with rubber flooring, gorgeous fountains and eateries. The Aspire Park offers not just green space for a good walk or jog but it also has a big lake with aquatic animals which is an additional touch of nature that visitors can enjoy with cafés and green shades adding to the aesthetic appeal of the park. Aspire Park can be a good getaway after a long day of shopping at the neighboring Villaggio and Hyatt Plaza malls. With an eye to both the amusement for kids and the activities of many sports-enthusiasts, this park has provided the required diversity for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The Aspire Zone, itself is considered the ultimate sporting destination of the Middle East and rose to international prominence through successful staging of the 2006 Asian Games.Aspire Zone is able to provide space to the sporting demands ranging from hosting major international events to coaching camps and conferences to pre-competition camps, training and research, injury diagnosis and treatment as well as rehabilitation. There are also other famous sports venues Khalifa Stadium, impressive Hamad Aquatic Centre and Aspire Dome. The Park is also an excellent option for joggers as it is surrounded by a 1.6km jogging track.

The park attracts hundreds visitors on a daily basis since its inception, especially over the weekends. Aspire Park not only promote fitness and unique outdoor activities, but also stand for as a excellent place for families and friends to spend quality time together, away from the noisy and crammed roads of the town.

How to get there?
The Aspire Park is in the Aspire zone behind the Popular Villagio mall and Hyatt Plaza in the district of Al Waab in Doha. Visitors have to take the road between Villagio Mall and Hyatt Plaza to reach Aspire Park. There is plenty of parking available.

Inside the Park
The visitors will be able to enjoy a good walk or jog, over its 88 hectares, which offers all possible amenities: children's play area, jogging track, football pitches, fountains and green areas and even chirping sounds of bird played through speakers placed inside the park to keep the visitors feel at one with nature. The structural design of Aspire Park is distinctive in its spiral trails and solar-powered lights made in a thoughtful gesture for the surroundings.

The only lake in Qatar can be enjoyed in the park with plenty of aquatic animals, with a good coffee in the cafe nearby. Or the visitors can simply sit on the park and unwind. Whether we are exercising or just wandering, remember that there is a dress code to adhere. For the benefit of nature lovers enjoy walking around in harmony with nature; more exotic trees are imported from all around the world. The floss silk trees, generally called as the boab, were shipped fully grown from Argentina in 2007 which cost a shocking $21,000 each. The boab trees, which have enlarged trunks and a bottle-like appearance, have surprised and delighted park visitors.

The Torch Tower which served as a giant torch for the 2006 Asian Games is another recreational attraction in the park with an astonishing 300 metre height. Resembling a uniquely shaped giant Christmas tree with excess of colorful lights, the torch tower is currently an ultra modern hotel. The design of the tower was conceived by Architect Hadi Simman for the 15th Asian Games and can be spotted from any point in Doha.

The torch tower is undeniably worth a visit: the modern interiors, lobby, rooms with unique details and lighting techniques, spa, the panoramic swimming pool on the 19th floor and fabulous 360 rotating restaurant on the very top to admire the view of the whole of Doha by night.

Things to remember:

The only required condition is that park visitors must dress “decently,” covering their shoulders, knees and midriffs.
Aspire is a park primarily for families and single men and women are not required to wear sports clothing to enter
Skateboarding, bicycling and tree climbing are not allowed
Lifeguards are available till 10 pm in the night.

Operating Hours
Restaurants and rest rooms: 08:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
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