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Al Thakhira Beach

Al Khaleej El Arabi Independent School, Qatar
Al Thakhira is a coastal stretch of land at the northern end of the Al Khor Corniche.
A day at the beach, swimming in the sea and sunbathing on the sand can be the ideal remedy for the stresses of the city. Fortunately, for the Qataris they can enjoy these along with the pleasant view of mangroves in Al Thakhira beach.

The approximate length of the beach is 10 km. Much of the seashore is sabkha (salt flats) which becomes like quicksand and when it is wet it is really very treacherous as well as adventurous. This beach includes a number of sceneries: old shoreline, mangroves, outcrops, desert and much bird life. The beach is very popular for exploring the area’s mangroves and well liked by bird watchers.

How to Go?
Set out of Doha, en route to Qatar University or West bay, there are the signs for Simaisma and Al Khor at the roundabout near Doha Golf Club (Route 1A). Nearly 35 km of driving north Al Khor can be reached; pursue the road through the town, at the northern end of the Corniche en route to Al Thakhira, turn right at the next roundabout; take the first left and navigate through the spaces between the houses.

Drive through the newly build car park and jetty heading left away from the village, onto a trail across the salt marsh, leading ultimately to a small wadi and then the beach.

Things To Remember:

The salt marsh in Al Thakhira can turn damp and treacherous with high tides and following winds, so take care.

Park the vehicles near the wadi unless you are in a 4WD vehicle and don’t park on damp sand, if not, your car will need to be excavated with heavy machinery.

Bring everything you need with you, food and ample water, water shoes, towels, sunscreen and a first aid kit can be handy and don’t forget to take all your rubbish away with you.

Water shoes are highly recommended. Don’t try to walking in with flip flops, while Crocs might be enough. Flips flops may get trapped in the muck and it is impossible to walk.
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