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High Paying Jobs in Qatar

03 February 2022

The tiny middle-eastern country, Qatar has surprised the entire world. It is because of the nation's robust economic development in all fields. In addition to it, this country has a large number of expatriate workforce. There are various reasons for people to come and work in Qatar. This country has an excellent healthcare system, one of the safest countries to live and work and tax-free income. Other than that, FIFA has also nominated Qatar as the host country for the 2022 World Cup.

There are a large number of projects running in which needs manpower across departments. From government departments to general private sectors, Qatar labour market has plenty of lucrative opportunities. In addition to it, there are leading multinational banks operating in the country offering job opportunities in the financial sectors. If you are keen to work in Qatar, you must be eager to know about the country’s highest-paying jobs? We have researched and prepared a list of ten jobs which pays high in Qatar. If you are lucky to get a job in any of these positions, your pay-package will be the highest in GCC. Let’s learn about them in details.

high paying jobs in qatar

Jobs in Qatar which pays high

CEO or MD of Multinational Companies

The CEO and MD are the two apex positions in any organization. The people working in these designations are the one associated with decision making. This country has several leading organizations where these positions are filled by the locals and expatriate candidates alike. Interestingly, a suitable candidate eligible to work in these positions gets heavily paid in comparison to other GCC countries. Moreover, the tax-free income is an added plus. Currently, the average monthly salary of the CEO or MD of a multinational firm in Qatar is approximately $33,261. This is around 124,728 Qatari Riyal.

CEO or MD of Local Companies

There are several local companies in Qatar. These are either a government-owned or private venture. In both cases, there are positions of MD and CEO available in these organizations. The average monthly salary is not as high as compared to the multinationals, but they average approximately $24,941. This is a handsome salary and is equivalent to 90,803 QAR per month.

Banking Sector - Treasury Manager

Banking sectors Jobs in the Middle east are in demand. The salary is also high, and it’s tax-free. However, for the position of a Treasury Manager in Qatar, the average monthly salary is approximately $15,329. Leading banks are operating in the country like HSBC, Doha Bank, QNB, Commercial Bank, etc. Job vacancies for this position are often posted online, so, keep an eye if you consider yourself as a suitable candidate.

Retail Banking

This is another promising job sector in the country. The average monthly salary is around $13,157 for the position of Manager in retail and personal banking. The job profile is like handling individual clients, SME's, etc.

IT Manager

There is an exceptionally high demand for the position of Information Technology Manager. An expert and talented candidate can earn up to $12,428 per month. Cybersecurity professionals are also in heavy demand with the country’s ongoing project to enhance the data protection system.

Other Sectors

With a rapid boom in Qatar’s economy, the vacancies are equally open in sectors like construction, marketing, media, real estate and human resource. From Manager level to supervisory levels, vacancies are available. The monthly salary ranges between $9,000 to $12,000 in addition to other benefits.

The employees working in Qatar are also entitled to one month paid leave, gratuity, return airfare for self, spouse and up to two children, free medical for self and family. In addition to it, they also get overtime and six days mandatory paid leave in one year. This is over and above the one day weekly off. Other mandatory paid holidays are on the occasion of Qatar National Day, 18th December and Sports Day, 11th February.

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