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How to find your dream Job in Qatar?

03 February 2022

A few years back the world was unaware of the opportunities in Qatar. The country is in the headlines since it won the prestigious honour to host the upcoming FIFA world cup in 2022. Qatar is genuinely a tiny nation nestled between UAE, Saudi Arabia and Oman. They are the sixth member of the Gulf Co-operative Council. Interestingly, this nation has a robust economy for which they rank among the world’s richest countries in terms of per capita GDP growth.

There are several interesting facts about Qatar. But the most interesting is its population mix. The percentage of the expatriate population living in this country is almost eighty per cent of the total population. This is because of Job opportunities available in various sectors like Medical, Engineering, Construction and others. After the Gulf Blockade, the government also amended labour laws. This further leveraged the mobility of labours within the country and across international borders. It further opened up the Job Market across sectors. Lucrative jobs in top-notch companies are now available in the country with handsome pay. The question is, how to find that?

If you are planning to visit Qatar to find your dream job, here is a list of things that you need to do. Follow them and get yourself onboard quickly as there are employers all over the country looking for a potential candidate.

how to find jobs in Qatar

Here is a list of things to do to find your dream Job in Qatar

Certificate Attestation

Attestation of the educational certificates is mandatory to get Skilled Work Visa in Qatar. If you have a Skilled Visa Profession, it is much easier to get a residence permit later on. Also, you can apply and get a Driving License in Qatar which is another criterion to get a decent job in any GCC country. For certificate attestation you need to contact your home country - HRD Department and complete the entireprocess which takes around a months time. After landing in if you opt for the certificateattestation, it will cost you more. The process also gets cumbersome in that case.

Online Profile Registration

Register your profile on the leading middle east job portals. There are popular Job Portals like Indeed.com, DohaCareers.com, Linkedin.com, Gulftalent.com, Monstergulf.com and Bayt.com. Most of them offer free registration. Make a nice and informative profile by highlighting your core experiences, strengths, achievements, etc.Once it is done, start applying online. You might be lucky if your profile catches the attention of any potential employer.

Resume Making

Prepare an impressive Resume. It should be one or a maximum of two pages highlighting your core competency areas. To make a killer resume, online free tools are easily available. Download any format and get an impressive CV ready in a few minutes.


Try to find out references of people you know living in Qatar. It is much easier to get a Job if you have a reference. LinkedIn is a great social networking platform for professionals in the same field to connect up with each other. So, keep connecting with people who are already working in Qatar.

Recruitment Agencies

Most of the companies hire recruitment agencies to source manpower for their requirement. Look for a few of them in your homecountry. You can also search the internet and get a list of various recruitment agencies working for the Qatar market. But be careful to check their authenticity before making any monetary payment. Generally, they will only ask you to pay a certain fee once you are selected and your Visa is processed.

Davies Krish

With a background in journalism and news reporting, Davies enjoys finding surprises and unusual sights in some of Middle East's most well-traveled destinations.

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