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Beaches in Qatar

24 April 2019

While there is a lot of amazing places to see in Qatar, the most popular ones are, of course, the beaches.

Qatar offers its residents and tourists many beautiful sandy beaches to unwind on vacations.  Prior to summer is the best time to head outdoors in Qatar.

From kayaking at the Thakhira Mangroves, to rock climbing at Purple Island, there are plenty of adventurous activities for everyone. For kids, almost every beach in Qatar has a play area, comfortable cabanas, and many more. All the beaches are easily accessible.

Qatar has lots of public beaches where you can explore fantastic wildlife and go for some peaceful walks. Have a look at some of them!

popular qatar beaches

Al Wakrah Beach

Al Wakrah, the village is situated 10 km south of Doha, and the beach is about 15 km southeast of the village center. The beach is famous for its golden sand and many fun activities. The crystal clear water of the sea makes you feel happy and relax.

This beach has little fishes that nibble at your dead skin cells and make you feel like you are in a spa. There are many grocery store and restaurants near this beautiful beach.

Al Khor Beach

Al Khor beach also is known as Purple Island and is surrounded by Mangroves. It is easily accessible by car from Doha. There are plenty of things that you can enjoy along the seaside. The beach has complete facilities for visitors, including showers. The facility of barbecue grills makes it a perfect place for a family vacation.

There is a grassy area where you can relax, plan a picnic and dry out your clothes after swimming. You can also enjoy food and drinks at the restaurant on the shore.

Further, the beach has showers, changing room for adults. For a beach that has everything, this is where to head.

Fuwairit Beach

The pristine white sand and sparkling turquoise water of Fuwairit Beach is one of the best parts of attractions in Qatar. This beach is located in the north of Doha, and is a home to the Hawksbill turtle.

Further, the sea is calm and a perfect place for swimming as well as playing.  There are many water sport activities that you can enjoy. Also there is beach volleyball. It takes around two hours to get there from Doha. You can go either via your vehicle or can book a taxi from Doha to reach a beautiful destination.

Explore the amazing beach and life of turtles this vacation!

Simaisma Beach

This amazing beach is situated to the north of Doha, just 20 minutes drive from Doha and you reach there. It is quite shiny place and not so crowded at downtimes. It is the perfect family place. There are plenty of facilities for every age group. You can easily find food, showers, and parking area near this beach.

There are numerous mosques and shops nearby that you can visit and shop for your loved ones. There are three play areas with shades for kids. It is a perfect place to bring the complete family for relaxing holidays.

Inland Sea

Inland Sea is located near the border of Saudi Arabia. To get here you have to travel through sand dunes with no road, so it is better to hire an expert taxi driver. It is a fantastic place to camp; you can also enjoy some fishing. Not only you can swim and play in the water, but also can try your skill at sand surfing. Inland beach is really scenic and very clean.

Also, there you can get a chance for scuba diving. The sea is home to reefs and lots of wrecks. Sidemount and Technical diving are very popular here, and many dive centers offer great advanced diving courses too.

Zekreet Beach

Zekreet beach has many rock formations also Richard Serra’s art piece is located near this beautiful beach. The water is clear blue in color.  It’s also a beautiful location for camping and barbecues dinner.

It is approximately 45 to 50 minutes away from Doha. The amazing landscape to this beach reminds you about old settlements and prehistoric sites where you can find desert mushrooms.

Farkeh Beach

Farkeh Beach is located just east of Al Khor Beach, and just like other beaches, it is also a very family-friendly place. This beach has individual attractive sections for adults as well as kids. Thus, everyone feels happy and safe in this beautiful beach in Qatar.

There is a kids play zone which makes them feel active and enjoying on the beach. There are many sports activities that you can try to increase your fun. The scenic view of this beach makes it a perfect place for photographs. Come sit for hours and enjoy the beauty of nature without any stress and worries.

Al Ghariya Beach

Al Ghariya Beach is situated in Madinat Ash Shamal, it is 10 Km ahead of Fuwairit beach, in the north of Doha city. It is a very neat and clean beach, where you can enjoy swimming. It is a trendy location for the desert camp, thus you can enjoy camping near the sea in Qatar.

There you can set a barbeque to get relax in the evening. A lot of water sports activities like Jet Ski, fishing, swimming, and many more are there which gives you a lifetime experience.

The sand of the beach is very soft, and the water is crystal clear. Head there with all the swimming gear. Have fun and stay safe!

There are also nearby restaurants where you can go for lunch or dinner when hungry. The restaurants have everything from eatable to drinks.

beaches in qatar

Final Words:

Whether you are living in Qatar or planning to visit the country in the next vacations, beaches in Qatar take away your breath. These will give you lifetime memories and experience. From peace to adventurous activities there is everything for you. So, bring your kids to family-oriented beaches in Qatar to make their travel memorable yet exciting. Visit now!

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