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Free Things To Do In Doha

18 March 2019

Forget the fact that you need Qatari Riyals to explore Doha.

Doha, a modern city, is full of history, culture, and contrast. Known as one of New7Wonders Cities, Doha has everything, be it ancient artifacts, a rapidly developing cityscape, or breathtaking panoramic views.

There is a variety of exquisite fine dining experiences, luxurious beaches, traditional souqs, and what not. It does not end here as there are many free things to do that’ll make your trip to Doha unforgettable.

Sounds exciting? So, whether you are just visiting Doha for a quick layover or planning for a longer visit, here are top things to do in Doha. And, they’re all free.

Take a Stroll around the Souq Waqif

souq waqif qatar

If you want to experience Doha culture for free, walk down in the small alleys of the Souq Waqif. Take a stroll, bargain in the winding lanes, and have an authentic experience in itself. Not just shop, you can also dine in at the upscale restaurants that serve almost every regional and traditional dish.

Moreover, whether you are looking for traditional spices, dry fruits, clothing, souvenirs or local gifts and artworks, Souq Waqif (standing market in Arabic) has it all. It is located behind the Al Corniche Street and the opening hours are from 10 am to noon and 4pm-10pm.

Enjoy the Sights of Doha Bay from the Al-Corniche


Al-Corniche is a seaside promenade that stretches for several kilometers.

It runs in a horseshoe shape from the West Bay to the Museum of Islamic Art offering you unparalleled views of the skyline of Doha, Palm Tree Island, and the city. With palm trees across its entire length, it is an ideal place to soak up the atmosphere as the sound of waves hit the stone walls. Then, there are kid’s friendly areas that let you enjoy the breathtaking views with family, for free.

You can visit at any hour of the day, but evening is a great time to make the most of your time.

Learn About Falconry at the Falcon Souq

falcon souq qatar

Falconry is an important part of Middle East culture (as Bedouins lived on this idea), and Falcon Souq is one of those few places, which is dedicated to this hunting practice.

At the Souq, there are a number of shops that specialize in Falcons. Moreover, there is a falcon hospital near to it, where you can know more about Falcon and Falconry.

Take a Dose of Islamic Culture at Fanar

islamic culture at fanar

Fanar is a spiral mosque with a stunning minaret design. Known as a basic cultural and religious hub of the city, its main mission is to get Non Arab Muslims to understand how Islam is followed in Qatar.

It also has a library and hosts Arabic classes for people to get people acquainted with the cultural side of Islam.

So, if you are anywhere near Al Corniche or Souq Waqif, do visit this destination. The entry is free and opens from Sunday to Thursday between 5am and 8pm.

Visit the Katara Cultural Village

katara cultural village

Inspired by the original Qatar architecture, the Katara Cultural Village is spread over 1,000,000 square meters with small alleys, heritage centers, museums, opera house, art galleries, and an amphitheater. This destination is a great spot to spend some time after sunset or smoke shisha with your fellow travelers.

Katara Cultural Village is located between West Bay and Pearl and is a 5-10 minutes drive by taxi from city centre.

Witness the Traditional Artifacts at the Museum of Islamic Art

museum of lslamic art

Located at Doha’s port, Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) showcases a jaw-dropping collection of art, object, and artifacts from the Islamic world.

Designed by renowned architect I.M. Pei, the museum represents the Islamic art from three different continents and treasured masterpieces from all over the Middle East. Inside the museum, you can attend art exhibitions and see different types of ceramics, metalworks, manuscripts, and textiles.

The entry to the museum is free; once you have had a look around the museum, you can relax in park next to museum or the museum’s café.

Explore the Al Riwaq Exhibition Centre

riwaq exhibition centre

In recent time, Al Riwaq Exhibition Centre is one of the most popular art galleries in Doha. Since its inception, this center works as a host for the city’s interesting exhibitions. Not just interesting, the best art exhibits are done here. And, you can visit any of the exhibitions here for free!

Spend Some Time at Villaggio Mall


Shopping centers are a part of Doha life, but Villaggio Mall stands out as one unique destination. It has a creative architecture that replicates Venice with all those canals and gondolas.

Not only it showcases a stunning structural design, but it also lets you walk through an exciting range of shopping and entertainment options. The mall is so big that it might take you a few hours to explore everything.

Amaze Yourself by Visiting the Pearl Qatar

pearl qatar

Known as the epitome of luxury and Arabian Riviera, Pearl Qatar is a man-made island spread in almost four million square meters. It is located on the north side of Doha Bay, built on one of major pearl diving sites, hence the name.        

Take a walk around the marina; look at those million dollar yachts, high-end stores, and villas inside gated communities.

If you want to have a complete Venetian experience for free, do not miss the Venice-style section of the Pearl. Featuring bridges (replica of Rialto Bridge), canals, and colorful houses on both sides, it will transport you in Venice in no time.

However, you’ll have to come back to Doha in a little while to complete your journey. By ticking off this list, the only thing that you will be short of is time.

With so many free, your expenses will be in place, you’ll see the best of Doha city, and you can shop as much you want.

As they say, the best things in life are free.

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