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Fishing Rules and Top Fishing Spots in Qatar

29 April 2019

Most people who visit Qatar for a vacation know about the joy of fishing in crystal clear waters. Tourists from every part of the world visit Qatar for business tours and holiday trips. Fishing is one of the most exciting and adventurous activities for natives as well as visitors.

The mesmerizing landscapes, beaches, islands, and fishing spots in Qatar are sure to fulfill your desire to visit a beautiful Arab country. You can enjoy many outdoor activities in Qatar, and a fishing trip is one of them.

Fishing trips offer you to see the beauty of crystal clear waters of the sea and spend some time with your friends or family. Let us check some more information about fishing in this amazing country.

qatar fishing spots

Fishing Trip Organizers

If you are going to visit Qatar for the first time, you can find a fishing trip organizer who can guide you and organize some fishing trips for your family. An experienced captain accompanies your family and offers you all the safety tools required for fishing.

Moreover, you also get insurance for the fishing trip. In case of any mishappening, the insurance company covers the damage and loss depending on the terms and conditions of the policy. If you don’t like a spot, the captain can guide you to visit other places where the fishes like to hang out.

Top fishing spots in Qatar

Halat Umm al Khayfan

Halat Umm al Khayfan is a safe and shallow area for fishing that is located in RuqqQuraynayn in the east of Al Wakrah. There is a small lighthouse at the center of Halat Umm al Khayfan known as Rubble tower, where you can access beautiful shallow areas with small drop-offs that make them best for fishing.

Al Aaliya Island and Al Safliya Island

These are the two islands located on the east end of capital of Qatar are the hot spots for fishing. The mesmerizing structures and buildings around the boundary of the shore make these islands a must to visit the place. It means you have many reasons to visit Al Aaliya Island and Al Safliya Island in addition to enjoying the fishing.

Primary Navigation Channel

The Doha primary navigation channel is another best spot for fishing. However, tourists need to follow the instructions and regulations of the Qatari Navy while visiting the place. Tourists are allowed to use boats for fishing, but you need to maintain a safe distance from the vessels. The vessels of the Qatari Navy and private companies use the navigation channel for various purposes. It is best to know the secure area and all the rules of fishing before getting into your boat.

Doha SSE to Doha Buoy Channel

This channel is located while moving from Banana island towards the Southeast and then Al Wakrah. The channel is about 25 to 30 meters deep, and tourists need to be careful while fishing in this area. The waters are not too deep, but you can find plenty of fishes in this channel. Is it best to stay near the edges of the channel as there is a high concentration of fishes on the edges.

Banana Island

The banana island is located near the airport coast. It was an excellent place for fishing, but it lost its attraction due to increased traffic and disturbances of construction work. The enjoyment of fishing depends on the season of the year when you visit the place. It is best to visit the area in the season to reap great results. You can watch the large sea birds looking for the fishes.

Fishing on Beach or Shore

Qatar is famous for its sea activities, and people love to spend time on the beaches and shores.  Tourists have a wide range of choices to enjoy the time during day and night. Qatari beaches and shores are great to visit in all seasons, but every season has its requirements.

People use clams, snoods and squid rings for fishing in the Qatari waters. The use of 4 to 5 oz of chicken as bait is also common to allure the fishes and it brings good results. However, people need to be careful while visiting the sandy beaches in the season of turtle breeding. 

Conditions for fishing in Qatar

Qatar’s coastline is found to have more than 150 species of fishes. Some fishes like sea bass, tuna, snapper, and grouper are the most sought after species in Qatar. The northeast coast of Qatar is the most popular for fishing among locals and tourists.

You don’t need a license for recreational fishing in the Qatari waters, but you must follow the regulations of the area where you visit for fishing.

Some tips for fishing in Qatar

  1. When you visit a sea or channel for fishing, you spend quality time with your friend or family.
  2. While fishing in a channel always gives priority to large vessels. Always give them a clear way to pass and follow the regulations of the channel.
  3. Always check the fuel in your boat before leaving the bank of a channel or sea. Fill the fuel in the boat if required.
  4. Slow your speed while entering the berth for lesser bumps and prevent damage to the boat.
  5. Do not prefer boating in an old boat as it can malfunction and put you in trouble.
  6. Take the catch and fishing log with you before entering a boat.
  7. Remove all the trash from the jetty.
  8. Inform the authorities before leaving and enter your details and time of arriving back before leaving the area.

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