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Engineering Jobs in Qatar

04 December 2019
engineering jobs

How to Find Engineering Jobs in Qatar

There are plenty of engineering jobs available in Qatar. This middle east county is a gold mine of LNG. Therefore, there is a robust demand for engineers across the various departments of engineering. Job opportunities for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, Environmental and Oil and Gas Engineers are pretty high in the country. In addition to it, job opportunities are also there for Architect and Quantity Surveyor Engineers in the country.

The reason is simply because of the robust infrastructural development happening in the country. The nation being nominated for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is on full swing to complete the stadium constructions. There are various flyovers, shopping malls, apartments and so many civil projects under construction. It is simple to understand that due to these ongoing projects, there is a large demand for skilled labours.

Doha Metro is further constructing new lines and the Lusail Green City project is running in its full swing. These two mega-projects created additional demand in Qatar labour market for Engineering Jobs.

Pro Tips:

In the case of Engineering Jobs, a Bachelor Degree is a mandatory criterion. If you are holding a diploma in Engineering degree, the available jobs will be for the worker, electrician, plumber and other such categories. The pay scale is much lower as compared to a degree Engineer.

Secondly, you need to pass the UPDA exam. This helps you to get yourself register as a Professional Engineer to work in Qatar.

Steps to find Engineering Jobs in Qatar

  1. The fundamental job search process remains the same to find a job in the country in any sector. Start with your degree certificate attestation, professional resume making and creating an impressive profile in job portals. However, these things you must do before visiting the country.
  1. Connect up with people through social media platforms working in Qatar. You will find several online job forums and community groups in Doha. Post your resume to these groups and there are high chances for you to get an interview call.
  1. If you can visit Doha, the chances of getting an Engineering Job are much higher. Employers find it convenient to finalize a candidate after meeting them in face to face interview. The current visa rules allow a large number of nationalities to visit Doha on a tourist visa. Check the MOI's website for details. Once you are in the country, meet the HR and Project Managers in the countries leading Engineering companies. Check the yellow pages directory. It is a great resource to find local information. You can also check popular online portals too. So, try in multiple ways as there is no single formula to find Engineering Jobs in Qatar. We have however discussed the tips that will increase your chance to find your dream job in Qatar. Visit Doha with a positive mind frame and soon you could be one among the 2.4 million expatriates working in this country.

Current Engineering Job Qpenings in Qatar


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