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Private sector firms in Qatar begins mass hiring

03 February 2022

The private sector in Qatar has begun its role in stimulating the local job market. Private companies have come forward to mass hiring, which indicates the revival of job market in Qatar.

Several lead companies are now going on hiring spree, which highlights the prominent role played by Qatar in private sector job creation.

qatar job hiring

One of the first companies which began mass hiring in September, the UCC holding, indicated a turnaround in the job market, which was otherwise hit by Covid-19 outbreak.

Taking cue, other leading groups and companies have hit the job market and are in the hunt for local talent, which includes NAAAS Holding Group, NICC, the CCC group, IMAR Group, Galfar Al Misnad, and Saleh Al Hanmad Al Mana. All these firms have place advertisements in media seeking applications from prospective candidates.

Companies from construction sectors are leading from the front in terms of hiring. Apart from construction, companies from logistics, food and beverages, health and retail sector are also scouting for local talent.

A senior official of a construction company said “The government has announced several major projects that has created demand for construction companies.”

The hiring is not just for blue-collar unskilled workers. Companies are also looking for white-collar skilled workers, the official said. However, the vacancies for unskilled workers are more than that for skilled workers.

Further, there is an increase in demand for technical jobs also, as companies are looking for HVAC technicians, foreman, industrial electricians and surveyors. Companies are also looking out for drivers, masons, carpenters, crane operators, steel fixers and labourers. The competitive salaries offered by the companies are one of the highlights. The new minimum wage will be applicable when recruiting fresh employees.

Robin Vinod

Writer/blogger who writes on topics such as travel, real estate, employment and everyday life on GCC countries.

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