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Over 2.45million tickets sold for FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar

24 August 2022

Organizers of the Football World Cup in Qatar have already sold 2.45 million tickets, FIFA revealed.

So far, 2.45 million tickets have been sold for this year’s World Cup, said FIFA, World Soccer governing body, with over half of them having sold in the last sales period from 5th to 16th July.

FIFA also said that majority of the sold tickets were for group stage matches such as Cameroon v Brazil, Portugal v Uruguay, Australia vs. Denmark, Costa Rica v Germany and Brazil v Servia.

The launch date for sales of next phase will be announced in late September. Over-the-counter sales will begin in Doha after launch of last- minute sales phase.

Fans living in Saudi Arabia, US, Qatar, Mexico, UAE, Argentina, England, Wales, Australia, Brazil, led the way, and the digital queues by securing maximum number of tickets, FIFA said.

The World Cup begins one day earlier than its original schedule with opening ceremony all set to be held prior to the host nation kick-off of the tournament on Sunday, the 20th November against Ecuador.

This will be the first World Cup to be held in Middle East and has already been pushed back to later in the year, instead of usual June-July schedule due to the scorching summer heat in the region.

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