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Cities in Qatar

18 March 2019


A visitor who descends into Qatar, will be welcomed by the eye-catching view of the capital city, Doha. The landscaped, crescent-shaped corniche, the sandy desert backdrop and the sparkling blue waters of the Gulf, are the first glimpse of what awaits a tourist, who arrives for a vacation in the sun-kissed country. Doha is a place filled with desert escapades, water sports, shopping indulgence, modern sporting equipments, historical museums, fine-dining, luxurious attractions and other natural attractions.

Al Rayyan

Al Rayyan, located 10kms north of Doha, is one of the largest residential areas outside Doha and is houses the Qatar Equestrian Federation, the organizers behind several races and an annual Arabian horse show.

cities in qatar

Al Wakra

Located in between Umm Said and Doha, is the town of Al Wakra. Though, originally a tiny pearling and fishing village, Al Wakra evolved itself into a small town with a population of not more than 30,000. The town has an Al Wakra museum in one of it’s old forts, that displays marine life and the history of the area. The town also has good art and architecture displays.

Umm Said

Is the core of Qatar’s industry, situated 45kms south of Doha, on the east coast peninsula. It is both an oil-export and commercial port with refineries, as well as other industrial establishments producing natural gas liquids, steel, petrochemicals and fertilizers. Umm Said has fine beaches too.

Khor Al Udaid

Located south of Doha, the sand dunes embrace the sea, surrounded by many sabkha deposits. The place can be reached only through four wheel drive cars, as the area is covered with sand and sabkha deposits.

Al Khor

Located 57kms in the north east-coast of Doha, Al Khor is renowned for its harbour comprising fishing boats and small crafts. It is also popular for its beaches, historic towers and mosques.

Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC)

Located along the northern shore of Qatari Peninsula, the RLIC is one of the world’s significant and accessible emergent industrial export locations.


Located 45kms south of Doha, Mesaieed is a major industrial city in Qatar, with the industrial area housing basic industries, a large sea port, and the principal terminal for export of oil. The beaches, and sand dunes of Mesaieed are among major tourist attractions in Qatar, as is the location of Movenpick Sealine Beach Resort.

Madinat Al-Shamal

Is a new town situated in the north end of the peninsula, about 107 kms north of Doha. It functions as an administrative center for quite a few coastal villages.

Al Ruwais

Located on the north of the peninsula, the town is a good example of Bedouin lifestyle that merges with today’s modern world.

Al Zubara

Is located 100kms north-west of Doha, and is well-known for its old fort. This fort-turned museum was constructed during the year 1938, on the ruins of a neighbouring fort. The fort is square shaped with circular towers in three corners and rectangular tower in the fourth corner. The fort was used by the military until mid-1980s.


Located on the west coast of the peninsula, is 84kms from Doha. It became popular when people discovered oil in the surrounding area. The town is well-known for its fine beaches.

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