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Qatar World Cup 2022

Al Wakrah Stadium, Doha Qatar

15 May 2019

Al Wakrah stadium is situated in the town of Al Wakrah. It is one of the eight venues that will host FIFA World Cup 2022.  This stadium in Qatar is famous for its architecture. More than 40,000 spectators can enjoy the matches in this beautiful stadium.

This stadium is famously known as the 'vagina stadium' because of its look has close resemblence of woman's private parts. The late British-Iraqi architect Dame Zaha Hadid said in 2013 that the design is inspired by the flowing shape of a dhow boat, a traditional pearl diving and fishing vessel.

al wakrah stadium

Design of the Al Wakrah Stadium

Its shape is like a futuristic boat that offers viewers a unique experience while enjoying the match. There is everything including the parking area, retail complex, departure areas, etc.

The stadium has a retractable roof that will be getting close in approximately 30 minutes. Light sleeves of premium quality steel provide shade to the entire pitch and stands. The stadium also contributes to the efficiency of the cooling system.

The venue has schools, a wedding hall, tennis courts, basketball courts, restaurants, a swimming pool, gyms, and marketplaces. All these amenities upgrade nearby people and make their lives more comfortable.

There are a museum, shops, and restaurants near this amazing stadium.

Sustainability of the Stadium

After the mass tournament of World Cup 2022, the owners will give the stadium a new second life. It will go through renovations. Residents will see great long-term benefits from the project, which will bring their tightly knit community even closer together.

The innovative technology in Al Wakrah stadium controls environment pollution by increasing air quality. Modern-day Qatar proud on country’s great buildings that stride towards achieving the environmental goals set in the country for National Vision 2030.

The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy committed to providing fans new and clean environment at the time of 2022 World Cup. The stadium uses re-used material that can be recycled later on whenever required.

The cooling system in the stadium is energy efficient that will turn themselves off after the match. The roads are being upgraded to reach the stadium. Fans, as well as players, find no difficulty to reach their destination of the 2022 World Cup.

New Doha Metro station is just at a short distance from the venue. There is much local transportation too that will help you reach on time in the stadium. The greenery around the stadium offers fans a fresh environment and feel.

Like other stadiums in Qatar, this is also one of the best architecture of the modern era. Don't forget to visit amazing stadiums during your holidays in Qatar.

Location of Al Wakrah Stadium

Construction of Al Wakrah Stadium - Video

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