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Online Wage Protection System to be launched on 18th August


Qatar will launch the much-awaited Wage Protection System (WPS) on 18th August, wherein all private sector workers will be paid salaries online through banking channels.

Nationals seek capping of maid recruitment fee


The hiring charges for housemaids have shot up in the local market amidst restrictions being imposed by various manpower exporting countries.

More Qatari women employed in private sector


The number of Qatari women employed in the private sector has increased six fold in twelve years, with their ratio having gone up from 2.

Qatar executives among best paid in the GCC region


With the economic growth in the GCC, the employees in Qatar are seeing increase in pay packages, following the 2014 dip.

Qatar opens thousands of jobs to Filipino workers


Qatar is likely to open up thousands of jobs to Filipinos, in its preparation for World Cup 2022, it has been said.

Education City Career Fair concludes in Qatar


The first joint Education City Career Fair concluded yesterday at the Hamad bin Khalifa University (HBKU) Student Centre.

Private sector softens exit permit & sponsorship rules for foreign workers


The private sector has softened its stand on the issue of exit permit rules and sponsorship change for foreign workers.

Qatar is third largest employer of GCC nationals


According to latest figures released by the General Secretariat of the GCC, Qatar is the third largest employer of nationals from GCC states, while Kuwait is the largest employer of GCC nationals.

Job nationalization lowest in Qatar tourism sector


Job Qatarisation has been found to be lowest in private tourism sector of Qatar, due to certain factors like tradition, culture and low salaries.

Increased worker influx necessitates new labour camps


With increased influx of workers into the country, current labour accommodations need to be upgraded, and therefore there will be a requirement of atleast one million new beds to accommodate workers, says the estimates by National Human Rights Commission (NHRC).

Labour Ministry introduces special panel to ensure Qatarisation in private sector


The Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has set up a special panel to introduce the ambitious Qatarisation process in the private sector.

Qatar job market most attractive in MENA region


Civil engineers and junior executives are much in demand in Qatar, with about 62 percent of employers likely to hire about 10 employees over the next quarter, according to Bayt.

Qatar to implement Wage Protection System in three phases


In a bid to ensure that all workers in Qatar are paid their wages through bank transfers, the government in Qatar plans to implement the process in three phases.

Call to boost employment of nationals in private sectors


Qatar wants private sectors to create employment opportunities for at least 50 percent of its 120,000 nationals soon, says Remy Rowhani, Director-General at Qatari Chamber.

New online job portal to be launched for Arab youth employment


A joint initiative by Silatech and Microsoft to offer online employment to Arab Youth through Ta3mal network will play a major role in addressing unemployment problem in Arab world.

Qatar to blacklist private firms that delay worker wages


Qatar has announced its intention to blacklist private sector firms that delay wages to its workers following increase in complaints by foreign labour about delayed payments, a senior labour official said.

Qatar infrastructure investment may lead to job boom


The population in Qatar is now experiencing a wave of expansion, largely driven by expatriates filling in jobs created by large ramp up in infrastructure investment to prepare for the 2022 World Cup.

Qatar marks 20 percent growth in average monthly salaries within 15 months


With the growing wealth of Qatar, the average monthly salary has grown by more than 20 percent in the past 15 months.

Labour Ministry works to ensure more jobs for nationals in private sector


The private sector will be closely monitored by the Labour Ministry to ensure that they offer jobs to nationals and abide by the jobs quota for locals as prescribed by the Cabinet.

QCF organizes one-of-a-kind career boot camp in Qatar this summer


The Qatar Career Fair (QCF) today announced that it is organizing a career boot camp this summer from 30th June to 4th July within premises of Education City in Awsaj Academy.

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