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Qatar World Cup 2022

Al Bayt Stadium

10 May 2019

Al Bayt Stadium is situated in Al Khor, Qatar and is famous for football. It is one of the venues of 2022 FIFA World Cup. It's easy to reach here due to a number of transportation services available for this stadium.

About FIFA 2022

The 22nd edition of the FIFA World Cup is the international men's football championship. Qatar is going to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup in its beautiful stadiums. This is the first time when any Arab Country will host the football World Cup.

It is assumed that the World Cup is scheduled for late November and continues till mid-December. It will be of around 28 days, and the final of the tournament will be on 18 December 2022, the National Day of Qatar.

Al Bayt Stadium Doha Qatar

Capacity Of Al Bayt Stadium

The unique design and asymmetrical shape of this stadium make it a piece of attraction for tourists in Qatar. In 2022 the stadium has the capability to host over 45,000 World Cup fans, with an additional 1,000 seats for press and other extras for VIPs.

Around 6,000 cars, 350 buses, 150 public buses/shuttles, and 1,000 taxis can be parked at a time in the parking area of this amazing stadium. Al Bayt Stadium has been designed in the style of a traditional Bedouin tent.

Construction work is underway at Al Bayt Stadium for hosting 2022 FIFA World Cup semi-finals. The stadium design honors regions past and present tradition.

Sustainability of Al Bayt Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium gets three out of three scores in Global Sustainability Assessment systems. The scores are for its contribution to tradition and heritage identity. It is the first stadium that receives such a brilliant score for cultural identity.

The design of Al Bayt Stadium emulates a traditional Qatari tent. Further, the unique traditional design of stadium is centered about energy efficiency. The tent-like design keeps football fans and players cool thus reduces the usage of energy.

New Approach in the Design of Stadium

Al Bayt Stadium with 60,000-seat arena has a modular design with a new idea of removable seats. After the 2022 FIFA World Cup, upper tier seats will be removed to reduce the capacity of the stadium up to 32,000.

With so many advancement and unique architecture, the stadium becomes the best example for future stadium constructions in the city.

Design for Future Tourism

There is a retail space, restaurants, and many more shops for fans as well as locals. The stadium also has landscaped paths for the local residents which they can as horse-riding, cycling, and jogging tracks. Thus, all these features make the stadium a perfect modern place for residents.

This fantastic architectural design attracts more tourism in the future. People would love to visit the hi-tech yet traditional stadium in the world. Along with many other attractions in Qatar, the stadium gains popularity worldwide and makes special place under the fans as well as players of soccer.

Location of the Al Bayt Staduium

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