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Qatar World Cup 2022

Al Thumama Stadium

12 June 2019

Al Thumama Stadium is a football stadium which is under construction in Al Thumama the city of Qatar. It will host 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. According to the proposed model it will have capacity of more than 40,000 seats.

Like other Qatar new built stadiums, its capacity will reduced to half after the after 2022. The stadium will comprise of four outdoor training pitches. The players can do their practice in these training pitches.

The stadium will use advanced technologies in every section of its construction.

al thumama stadium

Al Thumama Stadium Design

The design of the stadium is inspired by gahfiya. Gahfiya is a traditional Arabian headgear that worn by men. The shape of stadium is circular. It features an ultramodern hi-tech roof that offers shade to spectators and player while keeping the centre open.

There is an intricate pattern similar to gahfiya on the exterior frame of the stadium. The beautiful design of this stadium symbolizes the Qatar's youth and country's growth.  There will be 40,000-seat arena, which will be denoted to developing countries in Asia and Africa after the World Cup.

Sustainability of the stadium

The location and quality material is enough to showcase that the Al Thumama Stadium is committed to innovation and sustainability. The use of traditional values in the architure reflects the richness of the country. It is also a victory for the Arab world as it signifies the courage to face challenges in life.

The stadium send signals to world how we can build eco friendly building with latest technology. There is massive use of advance things like cooling system, hi-tech chairs, impressive pathway and more.

The advanced cooling system not only makes the place comfortable for players and fans but also save energy. The cooling systems harness power of sun to do cooling in the stadium during match. Thus the stadium is energy efficient.

This stadium is committed to deliver green FIFA World Cup 2022. Being near the airport and metro stations, it takes no time to reach here for the FIFA tournament. The carbon footprint for 2022 FIFA is smaller than the previous editions of the stadium.

Qatar offers you world class stadiums in the world. Here you can see the combination of technology and advancement. The hi-tech stadium features eco green environment that will improves air quality in future.

Site and location of the Al Thumama stadium

The Al Thumama stadium is located 12 km away from the Hamad International Airport. It is built on 51.54ha land. There are many metro stations near this amazing stadium. Thus football fans find no difficulty in reach here. It allows easy access to both locals and outsiders.

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