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Qatar World Cup 2022

Ras Aboud Stadium Doha, Qatar

10 May 2019

Ras Abu Aboud Stadium is a proposed stadium that will be built in Doha, Qatar for 2022 FIFA World Cup. It will have a capacity of 40,000 spectators. The architecture of it will be based on eco-friendly building.

FIFA World Cup

The FIFA World Cup was first held in 1930, it is a men’s football tournament. Now, it will be the 22nd edition of the tournament that will be held in Qatar. There are many stadiums that will host the World Cup in Qatar. Some of them are under construction and some are ongoing renovations for the big day events.

The event will take place in November and the final will be in December 2022. Qatar is committed to providing players as well as fans world-class experience of the game.

ras aboud stadium

Ras Aboud Stadium Design

The stadium will be located in the beautiful city of Qatar that is Doha. Football fans can enjoy the view of Doha's skyscrapers from across the bay. Their reach to the stadium will be incredible and memorizing. 

This stadium's innovative design will take away the breath of the fans and locals. But, the innovative design will be completely disassembled after 2022. 

There are about 40,000 seats that allow fans to enjoy the match comfortably. The containers, sheds, roof everything will be of re-used and recycled material. Thus after disassembled the material of stadium can be used for sports or nonsports events.

Ras Aboud Stadium Sustainability

From the starting of the construction, of sustainability is important point at Ras Abu Aboud Stadium. Its seaside location offers a cool natural breeze to players and fans. The natural cool air lightens a load of the cooling system thus help in energy saving.

This stadium gets four-star rating from the Global Sustainability Assessment System for its construction design and quality.

There is a massive use of prefabricated and modular elements in the design of the stadium. This reduces waste during the production of the stadium.  Also, the use of advanced technology reduces construction time.

In addition, there is greenery around the stadium that will make it a more happening place. There will be a large parking area for fans and local transports.

The stadium will be in a square shape that covers the seats with shade and offers a comfortable environment to the audience.

Location of the Ras Abu Aboud Stadium

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