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Qatar World Cup 2022

Education City Stadium

10 May 2019

Education City Stadium is a proposed football stadium and will be built in Doha, Qatar. The stadium will be ready for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The shape of the stadium will be like a jagged diamond that will glitter in the day and glowing by night.

A vibrant centre of innovation and knowledge will have a capacity of 40,000. The stadium will be located in the center of many universities at Qatar. The place is easily accessible for locals and fans of football.

Following the FIFA World Cup, the stadium will retain 25,000 seats for use by university athletic teams.

Education city stadium doha

Sustainability of the Stadium

The design of education city stadium won five-star substantiality rating. It is the first stadium in the world that received such a brilliant rating. The quality standards of stadium and design both contribute to the award.

There is direct access to public transport via tram system link to Doha Metro. In addition, the reflective fabric in stadium offers shade to spectators and players.

Eco-Friendly Space

Education City Stadium will grow up alongside the green paths of the city. The use of smart building systems and lights will guide the fans through the stadium path.

There will be smart air-conditioning units that will turn themselves off when not in use. Thus the concept of smart infrastructure reduces energy consumption. The eco-friendly stadium is a perfect example of healthy building.

The stadium help in water and energy saving Also will improve the air quality of the area. Almost seventy-five percent landscape of the stadium will be covered with green plants and trees.

Starting from Doha Metro to Education City the whole path is covered with beautiful greenery. This allows fans to enjoy the football World Cup in fresh environment. There are separate paths for cars and cycles so that people find no difficulty in reaching the stadium.

After the closing ceremony of FIFA World Cup, some of the chairs and space of the stadium will be denoted to the educational campuses.

Being in the centre of the universities this stadium will open up many sports opportunity for the youth of the country.

World Class Facilities

There will be metro rail track and road via which spectators can reach easily on the day of the tournament. Also, have the option of Doha's bustling service via which they can reach their destination easily. Further, the city center is just seven kilometers away from the stadium.

There is advanced cooling technology in the stadium that will keep supporters cool in a warm environment. However, if you want more comfort, then you can select either hospitality or VIP area.

The Qatar Foundation students, faculty and staff will be able to use the facilities of the stadium. Education City Stadium will be a symbol of sustainability, innovation, and progress.

Location of the Education City Stadium

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